Quite late on in the game of developing Christmas blends, maybe about a month or so ago, we noticed that there were no tisanes (what I usually call herbal blends) in the festive range this year. So, we set about rectifying that in a mad, hurried dash. 


Candy Cane was the first blend we came up with. The taste is right (although we're still trying some citrus versions out to see if we could make something less traditional but more distinct in its own right) and the coconut and cornflowers get the aesthetics of a candy cane bang on, without compromising the taste. The reason we didn't include it this year in the release schedule is simply that it wasn't different enough from what's already in the shop; it's very close in taste to After Eight (Mint Choc Chip). 


If you want something traditionally festive, sweet and spearminty then you'll probably love this! 

Candy Cane

  • Desiccated Coconut, Peppermint, Red Cornflowers, Stevia

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